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The term “I” refers to the owner of this website. The term “this website” refers to reviewmebonus.com website. The terms “you” refers to the users and visitors of reviewmebonus.com.

Affiliate links Disclosure

This website contains affiliate links to external websites, which means I may earn a commission when you buy through these links, without paying more for the product. I am not responsible for these products, nor can guarantee that these products are suitable for you or do exactly what they promise. You are not obliged to make any purchase. Do your own research and decide whether you buy or not.

Transactions and Refunds

There is no financial transaction through this website, so I cannot make any refunds. When you are not satisfied with the product you purchased, contact the vendor or the owner of the product and ask for a refund through the website you made the purchase.


I give some bonuses to selected products, where it is clearly stated and not to anything you buy through my links. When you decide to buy anything I review and offer a bonus after purchase, I send you the bonus package the way I believe is better or the way we both agree when there is any obstacle.
I send you the bonus within 48 hours if it is possible, only after you make a request for it and you prove me with the receipt the transaction as the process is not automatic.
If there any personal information, credit card number, bank account number or anything like that, hide them before you send me the receipt for your safety. I do not need, use or sell them, but I cannot assure you that they will not leak by accident in the process.
Bonuses are sent to thank you for purchasing the product I review and it is not part of the price, so it cannot be excluded.
You accept bonus as is and although I am willing to help, I am not obliged to provide any more update, modification, replacement or assistance.


This website contains material such as text, photos, videos, trademarks etc., which are created by me, are in the public domain or are used with permission of the respected owners, the way they have clearly stated. You cannot copy, sell, rebrand or redistribute any content material, without the appropriate permission of the owner. If by any means you find anything in this website that I should not use, please contact me and I will remove the offensive material immediately.

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Last Update: February 2015