About ReviewMeBonus.com

ReviewMeBonus AuthorHello everyone! Welcome to my website!

So you are curious to know who’s that guy behind ReviewMeBonus.com, huh? Cool!

I am Manolis Christodoulakis and I live in Athens, Greece. I love internet marketing and I like to create my own websites from start to finish. I spend endless hours studying code, creating websites and promoting them. I always like to come up with and test new ideas. I know that I cannot be an expert on everything, but I am that kind of man, who wants to have everything under his own control.

How I started ReviewMeBonus.com

Every time I was interested in purchasing a product, I was looking for a review. I was also looking for coupons, or I preferred to buy it from someone who was offering a bonus. Why not get more for the same price?
Many people do the same. As an affiliate marketer, I realized that it would be a nice idea to implement and share with them my own products. It would also be a nice way to thank them for visiting my page.

How I choose products to review

I always search for high-value products to review and offer bonuses without paying more. I find already known products or products by trusted authors. In any case, all of them offer a refund when you are not satisfied.

Hope you enjoy my website and bonuses! :)